Beef Cuts

Due to increase in Inputs (Processing Fees and Cattle Supplements) we have had to increase our Cost

Here’s what happens when you order Farm to Freezer Beef:

Choose any of the Farm to Freezer packages.

Select if you would like to pick-up packages at the Ranch or delivered (Charges will be applied for deliveries).

Farm to Freezer will email you an order confirmation with estimated date your order will be available.

For deliveries, Farm to Freezer will email you with a tracking number.The animal is picked up from the ranch in East Texas and transported to a local Certified, State Inspected, USDA Meat Processor. The Slaughterhouse inspects the meat, approves, and performs the harvest. The carcass is dry aged for 21 days, which improves flavor and allows natural enzymes to make the meat more tender. After dry-aging, the beef is ready to cut into your custom order.

CHUCK – The Chuck can be ground into ground beef, but if you like roasts, these roasts are delicious.

RIB – The Rib area yields an excellent quality meat with good marbling. It can be cut into rib steaks or rib roasts, not both.

LOIN –  The loin produces the best cuts of meat in the beef. It can be cut into T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks OR into Filet Mignon steaks/roasts and New York Strip steaks/roast.  NOTE:  The T-Bone and Porterhouse have bones and them.  The Filet Mignon and New York Strip are de-boned.

SIRLOIN – This portion is a flavorful part of the beef.  If you want a true taste of the beef, fix a sirloin steak.  While some have this ground to better the flavor of the ground beef, many others prefer to have it cut into steaks.

ROUND – The Round is typically used for roasts, though you can get some steaks out of it, as well.  While this portion is not as tender as other areas of the beef, it can make some delicious round steak.  These steaks are not steaks that you would want to grill, as a general rule.  If you choose steaks from this portion, it is best to have them tenderized.