Who We Are

Beef From our Farm to Your Freezer!

Farm to Freezer Beef is a locally owned, family-run business that offers fresh, wholesome beef.  Our beef is raised on our ranches near Oakwood and throughout East Texas. With our mission to provide the highest quality ranch-direct beef possible, in a simple, convenient, and responsible manner.

Caney Creek Ranch a diverse operation managed by Kimberly Ratcliff, the daughter of the owners Wesley and Marie Ratcliff.  Kimberly joined the ranch in 2007 after leaving her job with a New York City financial firm where she was a Branding Specialist and completing the TCU Ranch Management program.
Caney Creek Ranch cattle are born and raised on the ranch, from genetics the family has developed over the years.  The cattle are raised and feed traditionally with grasses and custom feed.

We offer custom beef package or you can purchase whole, half or quarters. When purchasing this way, you are able to receive multiple beef cuts in one shipment, offering greater savings as well as the convenience of a having healthy and delicious beef available in your home.

 To place an order, please CLICK HERE, or call us at (214) 676-3357 or email kratclif@farmtofreezermeat.com

So Here’s what happens when you order Farm to Freezer Beef:

The animal is picked up from our ranch in East Texas and Transported to a local USDA Slaughterhouse . The Slaugherhouse inspects the meat, approves, and performs the harvest. The carcass is dry aged for 21 days, which improves flavor and allows natural enzymes to make the meat more tender. After dry-aging, the beef is ready to cut into your custom order.