Whole Beef Deposit: $500  |  Half Share Deposit: $250  |  Quarter Share Deposit: $125

Balance is due upon receipt of your product.

cutsWhole Beef
A Whole Beef is sold by the hanging weight. Price per lb.: $4.50

Side of Beef
A side of beef (1/2 beef) is sold by the hanging weight Price per lb.: $4.50

Quarter of Beef
A quarter of beef is sold by the hanging weight. Price per lb.: $4.60

These quantities are custom cut to your specification. Hanging weight is the weight of the whole, quarter or side before it is cut.

PLEASE READ: Important Information:

1. All deposits are to hold your meat. It is NOT your order total. Your deposit does go toward the final price.

2. When you place your deposit you will receive an order confirmation by email (please use a current email address).

3. Approximately one to two weeks before delivery dates we will email the balance due and further details.

We also offer 20/30/40/50lb Packages.  Click Here for more information.